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Arizona Cardinals-Denver Broncos Preview

Joe and Rob sit among two empty seats and discuss the season thus far.  The 49ers although won this weekend, seem to still be dealing with internal issues.  What will the keys to victory be in Denver and which QB would you rather see at the helm?

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The Perfect Cards

There was a cornicopia of topics to discuss on this weeks episode of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast to include the 3-0 start, the much needed win over a hated San Francisco team, Larry Fitzgerald's place on the offense, and the signing of Marion Grice.  Former podcast host Mario called in during the end of the show to give his rather uninformed opinions and Joe loses his minds on his dogs while he thinks the microphones are off.

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Believe and 0

With 5:07 left in the first half I had conceded the NFC West to anyone other than the Arizona Cardinals. I had turned off the TV and went out back to play soccer with my sons. I wasn’t basing this off the score. I was basing this off of my 26 years of experience as an Arizona Cardinals fan. You see for Cardinals fans it has been a long tenure of heartaches and assuming defeat every time they come up against a team like the San Francisco 49ers. And so when the 49ers were matching our field goals with touchdowns in the first half, I used history to make up my mind. A loss was coming and the Cardinals were not ready to compete in the NFC West.

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Birdgang is Arizona

The NFL season is in full swing and every season, as of late, there is a behind the (Twitter) scenes argument between fans of the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles as to which fans are the rightful and original owners of the term "#Birdgang."

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Thanks for the Attention

On this Wednesday evening we were not short of conversational topics as Jonathan Dwyer found himself locked up in Sheriff Joe's facilities for yet another domestic violence offense committed by an NFL player.  Turns out there was a football game played in New York this past weekend and yet another one at home this weekend against the San Francisco 49ers.  Of all the topics there were to talk about, John Abraham didn't even come up once.


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I'm a Pilot

Any of you know a pilot? You do now as "Chopper" Glen joins Joe, Gary and Rob as we get together to talk about the one point victory the Cardinals had on Monday Night Football over the San Diego Chargers.  We talk about our feelings about Larry Fitzgerald Sr's comments about his son's lack of production in the victory and we also discuss the inevitable retirement of John Abraham


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Logan Mania

Joe and Tyler get together for edition of the Birdgang Podcast to discuss the Arizona Cardinals' first preseason victory over the Houston Texans. Among the topics discussed, they go over Logan Thomas' outstanding rookie debut, what could be wrong with guard Jonathan Cooper and, of course, John Brown's big day. 

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